Human Capital Management goes “glocal”

This post is the second in a two-part series that looks at the evolving role…

Fixing the enterprise app

The current disparity in software design is pretty funny when you think about it —…

Human Capital Management (HCM) is changing – and so should your business too

Human Capital Management  (HCM) has been around a long time. So why is it then,…

Talent acquisition and tracking among top areas impacting business objectives

In my last post, I discussed multinational companies’ top business objectives and challenges based on…

3 steps to simplify global workforce management

In my previous blogs, I’ve shared my key takeaways from recent research on the Human…

Are You Ready for Unlimited Time-off?

Unlimited time-off policies are having a moment, and it’s really no surprise. The idea of giving employees as much time as they want is fascinating, yet, policies for unlimited time-off remain few and far between. In fact, less than one percent of employers, according to the Society of Human Resource Management (1) (SHRM), take this type of […]

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HR Policies Between Multiple Offices: Tips for Fluid Communication

It can be challenging to enforce HR policies between multiple offices when each branch has a unique environment. When a business expands into other regions, there must be a fluid line of communication between all offices that honours the values that the HR team can withhold and promote. Don Fox (1), CEO of Firehouse Subs, realises […]

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HR's Value as a Business Partner on the Rise

Out from under the avalanche of today’s escalating data landslide comes a previously untapped source to drive organizational outcomes — HR. Yes, the Human Resources Department. Make no mistake. HR can be a powerful business partner. Who else has such an overarching perspective and, now, the tools to have a strategic impact on business decisions? […]

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5 Best Practices for Hiring the Best Talent in a Global Economy

Technology and rapid globalization have had a dramatic impact on the workplace. Effective practices for hiring the best talent worldwide have changed, and modern Chief Human Resource Officers (CHROs) must shift their talent acquisition strategies accordingly. Sixty-seven percent of modern workers feel positively about a future where “companies will search globally for the best talent,” […]

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Is Corporate Social Responsibility Part of Your Recruiting Emphasis?

A must for younger workers Conducting a job search is hard work. Countless variables can affect a candidate’s decision to pursue or accept a job. Job requirements, location, salary, and benefits are typical items recruiters expect to address when speaking to potential candidates. But recently, amid a renewed passion for ethics and sustainability, corporate social […]

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