Quick Guide to Filing your Income Tax Returns

Posted by: adpindia on 25 July 2017 in HR, Payroll

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As July winds to a close, the question being asked everywhere is: “Have you filed your tax returns?” The last date for filing individual income tax returns is a few days away. Individuals scrambling to file their returns in the last minute may find the official site for online filing gets overloaded at this time. Do look out for some authorized private sites where you can also file.Once you have found the right website, the rest is straightforward. It’s always wise to have everything in order, not only for your own records, but also because the government is getting increasingly stringent in their policies and have proposed to levy penalties on the income of defaulting tax payers. After filing taxes every year, have you paused to consider why you need to do it by 31 July? Why is it important…

Implementing HRIS for Your Growing Business

Posted by: adpindia on 19 July 2017 in HR, Payroll

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Running a business is complicated. In addition, if you’re running a small business, you have to handle multiple responsibilities at the same time. Among the sea of important tasks already at hand, you also have to manage administrative tasks such as keeping track of your employees’ data, handling compliances and running payroll, which, although seemingly mundane, are very important activities.One of the most useful ways to get your small business on the right foundation is to set up a system of records. Let’s look at a simple example: You own a small start-up firm with 20 employees. In the initial days of setting up, your firm does not have any automation in place and relies on a paper-based system to track manual records. Now, fast forward to a couple of years later, and your firm has grown from strength to…

Four pillars for effectively managing your end of year

Posted by: adpindia on 5 July 2017 in HR, Non classé, Payroll

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The End-of-Year taxation process is an annual event that can reduce even the most hardened HR professionals to tears. End-of-year payroll processing involves tax calculation, employee compensation, and accurate deductions to be withheld.This is a busy time of the year, and stressful since it involves employee pay, and there’s no room for error. Apart from your usual checklist of vital things to do (including auditing employee data and confirming accuracy), there’s a lot to contend with. But preparation for year-end doesn’t have to wait until March. In fact, it should ideally begin months earlier to ensure a smooth process.As you begin to plan out your approach to the End of Year (EoY) process, something you should definitely keep in mind is what your employees expect from it.Evolving Employee Expectations Did you know that globally, USD 11 billion is lost every…

Holacracy or Anarchy 4 Strategies to Let Go of Organisational Hierarchy

Posted by: adpindia on 23 April 2017 in HR, Innovation

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When Zappos, the online shoe and clothing shop, famously gave their employees an ultimatum to embrace holacracy or leave, the HR and business worlds took notice. One of the retail industry's most successful players was embracing a somewhat radical HR notion: the idea of dismantling departments and empowering employees to self-manage. The company believed that more relaxed management structures could generate better business results and better fit workers' desire for a more flexible environment.According to the ADP Research Institute® study ‘The Evolution of Work: The Changing Nature of the Global Workforce’, 64 percent of workers felt positively about less structured work environments. There's an increasing expectation of self-sufficiency, as well, with 72 percent of employees believing they'll solve problems with self-service. At the same time, employees want more freedom: 78 percent of employees want to control their own schedules, and…

Demystifying the Secrets of Global Human Resources

Posted by: adpindia on 16 April 2017 in HR, Multinational & Globalization

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Globalisation Drives Demand for Global HR solutionsThere is little doubt that the economies worldwide are increasingly global. The internet has brought humankind together more quickly and cohesively than any technology that preceded it. News travels around the world instantaneously, culture crosses borders, and brands rise to global levels overnight.To capitalise on this digital globalisation trend, many companies need a physical presence in the regions they want to do business. But while information travels efficiently globally, organisations often find they need to claim ownership in the countries they want to do business. Activities such as sales operations, order fulfilment, and customer service often require a physical presence. Watch the video: Global Challenges for HCM Professionals to learn more about how the globalisation trend is driving the demand for global Human Resources (HR).However, current global HR solutions are often inadequate and unable…