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FAQ: Your Questions for Mr. Anandan on Paperless EPFO – The Takeaway for Employees and Employers

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Covering key information through Q&A – paperless EPFO webinar

We have tried our best to answer most questions asked during paperless EPFO webinar (29 January 2019). And we are still receiving enquiries…

Q: Even after the PF transfer from the Previous Employer to current employer, UAN Member Service date still shows the current employer DOJ and coz of this member are not able to apply partial withdrawal.

A: Member portal always shows DOJ of the current employer only. Try with online transfer again (ensure there are no missing details, KYC is complete and DOL is updated for the previous employment).  Partial withdrawal claim will happen.

Q: Without Aadhaar is it possible to create UAN

A: NO.

Q: Whether ISE employee can apply PF claim to their International account? If yes, would like to know what are all the documents need to be collected from the international worker?

A: Claim settlement for International Worker, usually happens through the Bank account in India.  Many IW’s keep this account active to receive the claim amount, which allowed.  To receive the claim amount to any other International account, the member can reach out to respective Regional Provident Fund Office or the Social security office in the home country for further process.

Q: if the Aadhaar is not linked to the mobile no, then can we still download the UMANG App and process for the PF withdrawal online?

A: Yes, but the OTP will be sent only the AAADHAAR seeded mobile number

Q: How to transfer employee’s old UAN amount to new UAN number? Recently we merged with other company by mistake finance team created new UAN number so what is the process?

A: You can retain the AAADHAAR seeded UAN.  Merge the other UAN/s with this AAADHAAR seeded UAN.  Upon merging the other UAN/s get deactivated.

Q: Regarding e- nomination, would like to know whether employer can view the nominee details at the time of any unfortunate happened to the employee?  If no, how PF office will identify whether the employee submitted the recent nominations.  Any identification for the recent updating of nominees?

A: No.  In such cases, employer can check with Regional Provident Fund office before entertaining any claim.

Q: Is the Auto transfer also applicable if the employee rejoins the same organization within 2 months?

A: Yes.  As the member joins after separation, he will be assigned with new PF account number, though the UAN is same.

Q: I have transferred an account from previous employer to my current PF with my current organization. However, the pension fund balance is not reflected in the current statement. Rest is visible.

A: Pension transfer will not be displayed

Q: Within what duration should old employer enter the date of exit for the employee to see the transfer is made? This is asked because employer will not enter the last working date till full and final settlement is processed.

A: There is such fixed duration but if any employee (PF member) is separated the DOL is to be updated immediately. Transfer cannot happen if DOL is not updated.

Q: How to update Corporate Registered address in EPFO? Form 5A needs to be submitted physically or not?

A: Form 5A is to be updated online, first.  Upon online submission, same has to be printed out for ‘Owner’ to sign and submission with Regional Provident Fund Office.

Q: What happens if one does total PF withdrawal except for pension portion? In Next organization whether new UAN is needed? Or earlier UAN can be of use.

A: Same UAN can still be seeded if the Member joins an organization for employment.

Q: What is the difference in following when you update “Date of Exit” on portal?

  1. Retirement
  2. Superannuation
  3. Cessation (Short Service)

A: 1. Retirement – Contributed to 10 years of pensionable service and PF member was separated before 58 years of age
2. Superannuation – Contributed to 10 or more years and the member attained 58 years of age
3. Cessation – Any other separation, other than – Retirement, Superannuation, Disablement, Death.

Q: How far the response rate of the customer care of UAN Portal because we or our employees try a lot but we are not able to catch the customer care

A: Not to the expectation of General Public (PF members/pensioners)

Q: Will there is any option in member portal where member can apply correction in title & father’s/spouse name.

A: Yes, through manual Joint declaration form – signed both by Member and Employer, for submission with RPFC

Q: Modify the changes pertaining to name can be done through online. If yes where should we go? Who has the authorization either employer or employee?

A: In UAN Member portal, under Manage section, the name can be modified.  It can be done only by the employee (PF member).

Q: Just wanted to know how can one follow up for Annexure K from EPFO, and secondly how can we avoid error while transfer of EPFO. (Also inoperative account helpdesk/ escalation/ portal issues)

A: Raise a grievance @

Q: Is there a cap for PF contribution?

A: 100% Actual Basic (plus DA if any)

Q: A female who is unemployed for 3 years and does not want to get employed further, can she withdraw complete PF amount?

A: Only in case of Marriage she can withdraw immediately upon separation.  Otherwise she can withdraw after 60 days of last remittance.

Q: IT companies in India deduct their share of PF from the employee as well and this is a fact.  How does this work and how can it be fixed?

A: Employer contribution shall not be deducted from the “earnings” of an employee. Having part of CTC is an agreement between employee and employer.  Still the deduction cannot be part of “earnings”

How E-court runs?

A: Any default or delay in remittance is auto-calculated and notices are sent to the Employer through PF portal. Employer can remit if they agree (or) submit proof to disapprove the claims made by EPFO.  Even notices under Section 7A and 14B are now send only through emails.  Any proof to substantiate employers’ claim can be submitted through online for verification.

Q: Kindly elaborate on EDLI benefit

A: It is a benefit given to the nominees of the PF member, on his/her unfortunate demise.  Minimum is Rs.2.5 lakhs and maximum benefit is Rs.6 lakhs.

Q: What is the process to close an establishment and what are the important points to be resolved before going in for closing of establishment.

A: All members of such account, should have either withdrawn their funds, or transferred the funds to another account.  Then, the employer can apply through a standard format (available with PF office) and attach appropriate closure documents (cancellation of Labor license, settlement of wages/gratuity, cancellation of LWF license) etc.  Upon verification of such documents, RPFC will admit surrender of the Code and approve.


Thank you, Mr. Anandan! Did you miss the webinar? You can still listen in on the recording, just click here.

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